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How to Experience an Alaska Adventure

Once in your lifetime, be sure to do something adventurous! Do not make the mistake of waiting until you can afford it. I waited until my mid-forties to start my Alaska adventure. Fortunately, I and my family still had plenty of time to enjoy it. Most of us are still here; and we treasure every day.

I was born and raised in San Francisco, but (unlike Tony Bennett) my heart is here in Juneau, Alaska where I live and where I will someday be buried. There is no other town like Juneau. It is a place that should be visited at least once in one’s lifetime. A word of warning, though – be sure to bring along adequate clothing. It is known to rain here – some years more than 220 days of it.

Now, if you plan to seek a new adventure possibly not quite as exciting as moving to Alaska, at least go there for a week or two to see what the place is like. Talk to the locals. Ask them questions.

Let them tell you about how they feel about living there. If you contemplate someday pulling up stakes, like we did, be sure that employment in your field is available in the new location. Or, if not, that good enough paying jobs that you could handle are plentiful.

If your intent is only to visit Alaska, then be sure to do it right. If you would like to visit Juneau, and you know one or more locals, phone or email them and ask about some of the things that you can see or do here. If you don’t know a soul, then do a web search to learn about tourist attractions that might interest you. To my knowledge, we have more than 60 tour operators in our area. So, whether you arrive here by boat or air (there is no road in or out of Juneau) there are many things to see or do even if your stay is only for the one day. If all else fails, and I can possibly answer your question, go ahead and ask me. I’ll be glad to help if I can.

A New Life Adventure

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to turn your life upside down and completely change what you are doing? What is your dream for a new life adventure? Build an affiliate marketing business in your spare time and you could follow your dreams. Work anywhere in the world once it is set up and making a profit!

Have you ever considered what it would be like to wake up virtually every morning to sunshine?

Maybe we have found our new home in Spain. Here in San Pedro Del Pinitar it is probably 21% today, in February! An improvement to the forecast we saw in England.

This morning we walked to the beach and although the sea is still cold it is easy to find a sheltered spot out of the wind to sit and drink coffee or a beer. Return journeys to England should be easy between April and October as San Javier airport is only 10 minutes away.

The town offers various sport activities, plus the beach is close by. There are lots of areas for walking and biking. The salt lakes and sand dunes are within a mile or two so great places for wildlife.

How will we enjoy our new life in the sun, well the warmth seems to keep everyone smiling and relaxed with less bustle and stress.

Is the freedom something you would enjoy? Why not make a plan to change your life in the future. Work out what your goals are. Would you enjoy early retirement. If you would like to build a simple internet business, one you can set up now and build in preparation for your future and work it part-time. Let it grow according to the time and effort you invest whilst your current work supports you and your family.

Affiliate marketing might be a good choice for you. This is a type of internet business that is particularly suited to beginners. Having chosen a niche you are interested in there are many companies looking for people to sell their products. The companies take care of payment details delivery and often supply marketing tools therefore making it a simple option for starting your hobby business online.

This type of business requires minimal start-up costs, but you will need to put in some effort to learn new skills. There are many internet millionaires as in all walks of life, but with this business you earn according to the effort you put in.

Which country would you choose for your adventure? Would you stay in the British Isles enjoying all the places you may not have had time to visit, or would you prefer the slower pace of Europe. Any of the European countries are only a few hours away from the UK, and flights can be economical if you ovoid the peak times.

Maybe you would choose to let your home out over the summer and return to England or maybe when the temperature rises you are at your best in the mediterranean heat?

Plan ahead, dream a little don’t let life rush by without noticing it. Be in charge make a plan; try different holidays sample new things, make life an exciting adventure.