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Searching For a Hotel in Santa Fe?

Do you know what to look for in a hotel in Santa Fe on you holiday in New Mexico? Even if this is the first time in your life you’re planning on renting a hotel room, you have come to the right place. In this article you will be shown exactly what you should look for when searching for a hotel in Santa Fe because inexpensive hotel can be found; and you will also be shown on how to make certain that no one will end up wasting their money on rooms that are less that are of lower standard.

Choosing A Hotel Tips

Before you even looking for a hotel in Santa Fe, what you must do first is to know your budget. Let’s say you don’t have a big budget available for your vacation, then you have to decide whether you want to shortened (just a day or two) your trip and stay in a luxury hotel in Santa Fe; or if you might prefer staying longer in an inexpensive hotel in Santa Fe. You can only start looking for a hotel that matches your budget after you have decided what the budget for your stay will be.

You are not going to have trouble finding a luxury hotel in Santa Fe, if your budget permits. New Mexico provides some of the finest hotels in the State, and there are basically lots of five-star hotels or accommodations for you to choose from. However if you budget is a bit tight then you may have to be more selective in selecting a hotel in Santa Fe which will fall within your budget. In this case you need to learn how to choose the suitable inexpensive hotel, and learn not to rush into choosing the first place that fits your budget.

Not all of the inexpensive hotel in Santa Fe are going to meet your expectations as far as cleanliness and service, though there are many to opt for from. As with any city in the world, there are usually many cheap hotel in Santa Fe to choose from those cheap, roach infested hotels that make you wish you’d stayed home. How to get a quality, inexpensive hotel in Santa Fe? Be sure to ask around for reviews and recommendations from those who have already stayed at one of the many hotels in Santa Fe. Where to get these reviews? They can be found online, or from family and friends.

It’s important for you to remember to check the hotel out ahead of time if you are can, this apply to any hotel in Santa Fe you choose. You will not like to make reservations (or pay in full up front) for a hotel in Santa Fe only to have it fall below your expectations.

The Stories of Manila Hotel

If Raffles Hotel is said to be the embodiment of Singapore’s rich culture, the Manila Hotel serves as the favorite muse of all hotels in the Philippines. It is described as a “living testimonial of Philippine heritage.”

Built by the Americans near the turn of the 20th century, the Manila Hotel has stood witness to important events in Philippine history including the Philippine Commonwealth, the Second World War, the Restoration of the Philippine Republic, Martial Law, People Power, Restoration of Democracy, attempts of Coup d’ etat, Impeachment of an incumbent president and so much more. Despite the wear and tear of time, Manila Hotel is still surviving and fighting for its existence in Philippine landscape and history.

The doors of the Manila Hotel were first opened in 1912. It used to host the festivities during the inauguration of the Philippine Commonwealth government. But when the Japanese occupied the Philippines in the 1940s, the hotel became the headquarters of the Imperial Army. When the time of the Liberation came, Manila was bombed by the Americans in order to attack the Japanese forces seeking refuge in the capital. It was a miracle that this hotel survived this bombing and was later rebuilt in its finest stature.

Up to the present time, it holds important political events and inaugurations of notable people in the Philippines. Foreign leaders and Heads of State like Prince Charles stayed in this hotel, as well as entertainers Sammy Davis Jr. and The Beatles. It had also been a home to authors Ernest Hemingway and James Michener, Time publisher Henry Luce, and actors John Wayne and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Among the notable personalities that stayed in this hotel, there is one that truly made a mark: Gen. Douglas MacArthur, who played an important role in liberating the Philippines from the Japanese invasion. General MacArthur stayed in the hotel for a time before the War broke in the 1940s. The same room that Gen. MacArthur stayed in was preserved until now in its original condition. This room was even named after the brave general who became dear to the Filipinos’ hearts.

The hotel’s major renovation and reconstruction was done during the time of the Marcos dictatorship. It was reopened in 1977 with an even grander and more glamorous appeal. This time can be considered the hotel’s peak of glory. It was during this era when the Manila Hotel won many international awards and gain recognitions from all around the globe.

If Manila Hotel could only tell stories of what it had been through for the past century, publishers will surely not ran out of books to publish. But even without speaking, the architecture, the style and the design of the Manila Hotel could already testify to what it had experienced. And as a symbol of Philippine culture at its finest, Manila Hotel will never cease to tell its stories to the coming generations.