Packing For RV Camping

If you are heading off on a camping expedition in your RV, you are probably wondering what you should pack. RV camping supplies vary greatly from traditional camping supplies, and you do not want to pack too much or pack too little and forget something important. Here are some ideas to help you choose what RV camping supplies you will need for your trip.

Packing For An RV Camp Ground

If you are going to be camping at an RV campground, your RV camping supplies will be different than if you were trekking into the wilderness with your RV. You will need to stock your shelves with food, first of all. Make sure to pick food that is quick and easy to make, unless you love to cook and want to spend a good deal of time in your RV cooking. The best food to take to the RV campground is typical camping food. Even though you are in an RV, you still want to enjoy traditional camping activities like roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over a campfire. So make sure that you pack those traditional camping foods in your RV camping supplies.

In addition, you will want to include simple amenities like toilet paper, towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, and other items of the like. Since you are camping in an RV, you will have plenty of chances to take showers and baths, so make sure that you pack enough supplies to stock the bathroom. You will also want to include eating utensils and flatware. You can always pack paper plates and plastic silverware to cut back on time spent cleaning up while RV camping.

Packing For A Wilderness Get Away

If you are going into the wilderness with your RV, or even if you are just going somewhere that is not an RV park, your RV camping supplies will be much more intense. You will want to include large amounts of bug spray, sun tan lotion, and water. Because you will not have a hook up for your RV, your RV may function more like a tent than anything else out in many places. If that is the case, your RV camping supplies will have to be much like those of traditional camping. You will need something to help start a fire with, camping equipment like lanterns, flashlights, and a propane stove, and other traditional camping supplies.

Before leaving home, make sure that your RV camping supplies are appropriate for wherever you are going on your RV vacation.