10 Stuttering Treatment Tips to Conquer Your Stutter

Looking for some easy stuttering treatments you can do on your own? This article will give you 10 easy tips to help you stop stuttering today.

Tip 1: There’s no Magical Cure

First things first – you need to remember that you didn’t start stuttering overnight, and curing your stutter will not happen overnight either. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results overnight. It will take work, but it’s worth it.

Tip 2: Accept Your Stutter

You stutter, that’s a fact, so don’t try so hard to stop your stutter. This undue pressure you put on yourself to stop is part of what keeps you stuttering.

Tip 3: Stop Hiding

Quit hiding your stutter from yourself and others. When you talk you think you’re horrible, and when you hear others talk you think they are perfect – garbage! Nobody speaks perfectly. Eliminate that stress by coming out of hiding with your stuttering. Remember the stress of speaking makes your stutter worse, whatever you can do to lower the stress will reduce the stutter.

Tip 4: Don’t Try to Be Fluent

Your goal is to be conversational, not necessarily fluent. Expecting fluency adds stress and as we’ve stated above stress is your enemy! Your goal is to become conversational, which means speak with good rhythm and comfortably.

Tip 5: Avoid Avoidance

Slowly work yourself into situations you’ve avoided in the past. Whether it be a party, book club, or what have you – make it a goal to enter a situation you once avoided due to your stutter at least once a week. This will help build the much needed confidence to cure your stutter.

Tip 6: Embrace the Challenge

Like we said above to stop your stutter will take work. If you look at it as something that is nearly impossible, it will be. If you accept it as a challenge, and work to overcome that challenge on a daily basis there is no doubt you can control your stutter.

Tip 7: Eye Contact

When you speak, as well as when you listen, maintain eye contact. Eye contact can be tough when you stutter, I know, but this small step will help build the confidence you need to overcome the challenge.

Tip 8: Become a Keen Observer

Really observe what people do when they are speaking well. When “normal” speakers talk, what are they doing? How fast are they talking? Are they looking at the person they are talking to? Observe good speakers, then practice mimicking them. Also you’ll start to notice that almost no one speaks perfectly.

Tip 9: Start Stuttering

A little trick they use in speech therapy is to as you to stutter on purpose! Many find that by actually trying to stutter, they can’t! Trying to force yourself to stutter can override the triggers that cause you to stutter in the first place.

Tip 10: Observe Yourself

You’ll also need to be a keen observer of yourself. When do you stutter most? When do you almost never stutter? Are there physical, emotional, or psychological triggers that cause you to stutter? By knowing the answers to these questions you can begin to work on the reasons why you stutter as opposed to only working on the stutter itself.