Searching For a Hotel in Santa Fe?

Do you know what to look for in a hotel in Santa Fe on you holiday in New Mexico? Even if this is the first time in your life you’re planning on renting a hotel room, you have come to the right place. In this article you will be shown exactly what you should look for when searching for a hotel in Santa Fe because inexpensive hotel can be found; and you will also be shown on how to make certain that no one will end up wasting their money on rooms that are less that are of lower standard.

Choosing A Hotel Tips

Before you even looking for a hotel in Santa Fe, what you must do first is to know your budget. Let’s say you don’t have a big budget available for your vacation, then you have to decide whether you want to shortened (just a day or two) your trip and stay in a luxury hotel in Santa Fe; or if you might prefer staying longer in an inexpensive hotel in Santa Fe. You can only start looking for a hotel that matches your budget after you have decided what the budget for your stay will be.

You are not going to have trouble finding a luxury hotel in Santa Fe, if your budget permits. New Mexico provides some of the finest hotels in the State, and there are basically lots of five-star hotels or accommodations for you to choose from. However if you budget is a bit tight then you may have to be more selective in selecting a hotel in Santa Fe which will fall within your budget. In this case you need to learn how to choose the suitable inexpensive hotel, and learn not to rush into choosing the first place that fits your budget.

Not all of the inexpensive hotel in Santa Fe are going to meet your expectations as far as cleanliness and service, though there are many to opt for from. As with any city in the world, there are usually many cheap hotel in Santa Fe to choose from those cheap, roach infested hotels that make you wish you’d stayed home. How to get a quality, inexpensive hotel in Santa Fe? Be sure to ask around for reviews and recommendations from those who have already stayed at one of the many hotels in Santa Fe. Where to get these reviews? They can be found online, or from family and friends.

It’s important for you to remember to check the hotel out ahead of time if you are can, this apply to any hotel in Santa Fe you choose. You will not like to make reservations (or pay in full up front) for a hotel in Santa Fe only to have it fall below your expectations.

Eating More Food Could Be Key to Losing Weight

Pasta, boiled rice, most soups, stews, baked beans, porridge made with water, bran flakes with skimmed milk, low fat yogurt, fruits and veggies – eating more food like these water-rich foods help you feel full for longer, which is a huge plus when you’re trying to limit between meal snacking or watch your weight.

In fact, eating these foods may just be the simple, all natural secret to losing weight.

These lower energy density foods provide less energy per gram of food, so you can eat a larger volume without taking in too many calories.

Despite what you may have heard, you can’t get the feeling-fuller-for-longer effect by downing a glass of water with your meal – instead the liquid has to be a key part of the food itself or used in its preparation according to scientists at the British Nutrition Foundation.

The trick, when it comes to watching your weight, is to choose foods low in energy density (less than 1.5 calories per gram) to make up most of your meals.

To find the energy density (ED) of any food, divide the number of calories by the weight of the food. For example a 180g sandwich that has 360 calories has an energy density of 2 calories per gram.

Here’s how the categories break down…

– Very low ED foods = less than 0.6 calories/gram

– Low ED foods = 0.6 to 1.5 calories/gram

– Medium ED foods = 1.5 to 4 calories/gram, that sandwich we mentioned earlier would be here

– High ED foods = more than 4 calories/gram

When you think low ED foods, think baked beans, boiled eggs or veggie stir-fry with noodles. Cucumbers and strawberries are other good, water rich food sources.

Medium ED foods include lasagna, pizza, steak and salmon and can certainly be eaten in moderation, so long as you watch your portion sizes.

High ED foods like crackers, biscuits, crisps, peanuts and chocolate are the choices you eat sparingly, if at all.

The reason low ED foods keep you feeling fuller is that they have a higher water content and so empty more slowly from the stomach than a solid food on its own. Pumping food with air might also help you feel fuller longer.

Of course a healthy, balanced diet includes foods from all the major food groups including whole grain cereals and breads, lean cuts of meat and fish, as well as other low fat foods.

A good rule of thumb for weight loss?

When you look at your plate, veggies (or other lower in energy items) should take the majority of the space – at least two thirds.

Earlier work in this area has shown that people tend to take in about the same amount of food every day, but we don’t consume the same number of calories every day.

What this means to weight loss is that we can keep the weight of our food the same yet lower the number of calories by replacing high energy density foods with lower energy density foods.

To get more low energy density foods in your diet isn’t as hard as you might think, There are recipes for these dishes online, or you can make changes to your own favorites that will help them be healthier and still just as tasty.

When it comes to deserts, consider a chocolate mousse instead of a couple of pieces of hard chocolate.

Eating more food like mixed berries with low fat yogurt, oat cereal and a small dash of honey give you more of a delicious treat to enjoy… and will satisfy your urge for something sweet without all the calories.

Find Your Inner Royalty at These Top Castle Destinations

Castles and palaces seem to have a certain allure to travelers; be it the ancient battles and love affairs that are still a part of the walls, or the dramatic outline they splatter across horizons, producing a sense of security and fear from the spiked fortresses and massive presence.

A senior trip to any location abroad is bound to take you close to a castle. These must-see attractions are very popular retirement destinations and can be quite the travel deal! There are so many castles and palaces dotting the moors and valleys of Europe that it may be difficult to choose which to visit during a senior vacation. There are many top 10 lists available online, but this one was developed through extensive research from multiple sources with the senior vacation in mind.

Chateau de Versailles

France – The Chateau de Versailles is world renowned for its famous Hall of Mirrors. It is also famous for its anchorage of gardens and lakes, fashioned by Marie-Antoinette, the last French queen to live in the chateau. The gardens stretch as far as one can see, and the gold spattered and statue littered interior of this classic palace bring you back to a time of haughty royalty and exquisite parties.

The Tower of London

England – This retirement destination was created in the early 1080s by William the Conqueror. Nothing like this cold stone tower had ever been seen before. As time continued, other monarchs added to the awe and frightening aspects of this once palace turned fortress and prison. There are senior tours available that take you through to see the Crown Jewels, as well as instruments of torture. Famous figures in the English monarchy met their infamous deaths here, including King Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn, and the nine-day queen, Lady Jane Gray.

Mysore Palace

India – This palace is located in the vibrant city of Mysore, which religious stories tell us was created when the Goddess Chamundeshwari of Chamundi Hills killed the wicked buffalo-headed demon, Mahishasura. The Mysore Palace is home to the Maharaja and is erected against the sky with domes, turrets, arches, and colonnades. The rooms are draped with luxury; carvings, art from around the world, a jewel studded thrown and the ornate ceiling of the Durbar Hall make this retirement destination one of the most breathtaking palaces in Asia.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Germany – “The castle of the fairy-tale king” boasts one of the most visited castles in Europe, even with its secluded location by the Alpine foothills. This fairly recent castle was built in 1886 by King Ludwig II in an effort to gain some peace from the people. The romanticism structure of the castle was the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Chateau de Chillon

Switzerland – The Chateau de Chillon was built alongside the beautiful Lake Geneva and across from menacing yet beautiful mountains, creating picturesque scenery and a must-see retirement destination. The rocky islet on which the castle was built was chosen for its natural protection and strategic location controlling the movement between northern and southern Europe. The great tunnels running below the castle give way for countless legends and the chapel is a small architectural gem, flowing with murals from the 14th century.

The Bran Castle

Romania – This castle is more commonly known by the tantalizing name of Dracula’s Castle. It is one of many castles and villas that are marketed as home to the original sinner and offer an intriguing atmosphere for a senior vacation. Although it originated as a defense against Turks in the late 1300s, it is now a museum of medieval arts. Its main source of art and furniture was collected from Queen Mary.

Prague Castle

Czech Republic – The Prague Castle is the largest medieval castle complex in all of Europe. The struggle for power around this castle has helped create the mix of palaces, churches and fortifications of this complex, creating quite a sight for senior trips. The castle sits on top of Prague’s highest land point, keeping an eye out on all its subjects. On the hour every hour the changing of the guard occurs. The castle is now the home of the Czech president.

The Forbidden City Palace

China – This palace is one of the five world-famous palaces (another on this list being the Palace of Versailles). It was the home of 24 emperors that reigned over the country for over 500 years.  The palace is composed of two parts: the Outer Court and the Inner Court. The hallways now consist of beautiful art galleries for the public, including paintings, clocks, bronze wares and potteries. It is impossible to see the entire palace in one day, so traveling to The Forbidden City for an extended senior vacation is advised.

Edinburgh Castle

Scotland – Edinburgh Castle is the perfect trip for seniors who truly have the heart of a little boy or fairy princess. The castle is perched on top of the city of Edinburgh and looks like what every child dreams a castle should look like. Images of knights dueling and of lavish banquets will feast on your imagination. From any point in the castle you see a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas.

Alhambra Palace

Spain – This palace and fortress is a tantalizing senior trip experience. It was built in the mid 14th century by Moorish rulers but has more modern additions, like that of the Palace of Charles V, built by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor in 1527. The combination of Islamic architecture with Christian building and gardening accents has created one of Spain’s major tourist attractions.

Creating A Winning Culture

I follow a lot of business magazines on Twitter, so when the headline “What It Takes To Win” ( appeared on my timeline, I knew I was going to bring it over here. This is what all coaches are trying to figure out, right? Rather than an article, it’s actually a series of five short videos interviewing Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks. I’d say he knows a thing or two about being successful against fierce competition!

Many times in my gym, we say that winning is an outcome, not part of the process…and if we control the process, we can reasonably assume that the outcome will be positive in our favor. So we don’t talk “winning” necessarily, but there are steps we can take to ensure we’ve done our best to control the process.

3 important attitudes teams need in order to create a winning culture

Culture creation Schultz said two things about creating culture that stuck out to me…and that I think are linked. First, those people who are willing to get their hands dirty will succeed. What does that mean? It means the team is “all in”. Is everyone on our team giving it their all? Sometimes players will hold back because they don’t think they’re an important piece of the team or because they’re new to the team. When everyone is willing to go all out every day in practice, our odds of winning increase. Second, everyone needs a stake in what it takes to win. That way, no one’s to blame when things go wrong, but more importantly, no one can gloat when things work out the way we’re hoping. It levels the playing field.

Great team chemistry If you’ve been reading for a while or you’ve seen me speak, you know that I believe that sport is about way more than skills and drills and games…it’s about the intangibles we use each and every day! Sport is just the Trojan horse for creating amazing human beings. Schultz says that unbridled enthusiasm and passion are essential for great team chemistry. Of course, this is part of the great culture that we’ll create of players who are willing to get their hands dirty. An enthusiasm for practicing, for getting better, for working hard, for pushing each other, for excelling, for never giving up, for supporting one another…that’s what will give our team’s great chemistry.

Make bold moves As Robert Frost said, “I took the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference.” Winning may mean we have to swim upstream and do things a little differently. A great line from the video is that great leaders must be able to see what’s around the corner. Maybe you see that your team’s leadership is in its younger classes…how will you handle that while maintaining your team chemistry? Maybe you think a player should switch positions, but you don’t think she’ll be all that fired up about it…how will you sell it to her? There are so many situations that require the coach’s forethought…will we be ready? One word of caution, whenever we do things that are outside of the box, people will think we’re doomed to fail. Making bold moves means we must have the courage of our convictions and do what we think is best for the team.

So, here we are! We’ve got the steps mapped out for creating a winning culture: Everyone on the team needs a stake in its success or failure, passion for the team and how the team plays is critical, and a willingness to make bold moves and do things differently.